Best Modern Japanese Bar at Ikebukuro


Dear Traveler at Ikebukuro

Bar&Lounge八(Hachi) is yhe most wonderful modern Japanese Bar at Ikebukuro area.

You can enjoy colorful cocktails in the Bar treated with Japanese materials.


We have confidence in the selection of whiskey.

There are more than 300kinds of whiskey including 50kinds of popular Japanese whiskey.


We also have 50lineup of high quality Cuban Cigar.

All of our bartender is able to speak English!

Please spend the best bar time by all means at Bar&Lounge 八.


Modern Japanese Bar at Ikebukuro Bar&Lounge 八


Ikebukuro Matumoto Building 8F

Ikebukuro2-53-10 Toshimaku Tokyo


6min walk from Ikebukuro Station West Gate

Time: 3:00PM – 0:00 AM (Last call 23:30)

Rest at every Sunday